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A custom shade formulated by one of our color artists can enhance your signature style or help keep your little secret. We pride ourselves on delivering the latest color techniques and trends with precision, as well as tried and true color services. Our stylists utilize high-quality color lines Davines and Keune to provide gorgeous balayage, gray coverage, corrective color services and much more.

Color Level 1Level 2Level 3Level 4
Color Retouch (roots only)75+80+85+90+
Full Color90+95+100+105+
Toner & Blow Out65+70+75+80+
5 Minute Reshades (blends grey)40+45+50+55+

What is Balayage, Ombre, and Color Melt?
Developed in France in the 1970s, Balayage is a coloring technique where hair color is applied by hand instead of more traditional methods such as foils or a hair cap. Balayage is a low maintenance approach which can range from a stronger bold look to something more subdued in nature. Whatever your hair length or style, this technique will provide you a swept color look which you can wear for weeks.

Ombre is a hair coloring technique which is often confused with Balayage. While balayage is brushed into the hair; ombre is more of a seamless gradation from darker color near the roots of your hair to lighter color at the ends of your hair.

Color Melt actually takes the techniques from above and adds a second or even third color to your hair. All of the colors used in the application should be similar or from the same color family to achieve maximum color blending down the length of the hair strands. The main focus of this technique is to create a seamless flow from the overlapping colors, so it is hard to tell where one color ends and another one starts.

HighlightsLevel 1Level 2Level 3Level 4
Partial Foil90+95+100+105+
Full Foil110+115+120+125+
Few Foils (up to 10)80+85+90+95+
Color / Foils170+180+190+200+
Balayage Partial120+125+130+135+
Balayage Full145+150+155+160+
Ombre (top dark / bottom light)180+195+210+220+
Bleach & Tone (roots only)105+110+115+120+
Full BleachBy Quote
Corrective ColorBy Quote
Toner w/ Highlight36+36+36+36+
Root Shadow w/ Foil or Balayage60+65+70+75+
Additional Color (per)20+20+20+20+

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Add OnsLevel 1Level 2Level 3Level 4
Premium Bleach20202020
Olaplex Treatment w/ Color or Highlight40404040